2018 Newsletter Page 1

Clarksburg Fire Protection District                        January 2018

Our Mission: To provide fire protection for all properties, structures and citizens of the Clarksburg Fire Protection District and; to participate in mutually beneficial mutual aid agreements with neighboring fire districts as well as County, State, and Federal agencies and; to provide first response services in the event of accident or medical emergency within the District.

New Annex Provides Additional Space for District Apparatus

We are proud to announce the full utilization of the new Annex Building adjacent to our existing fire station. Completed during the summer of 2016, the new Annex Building fulfills the goal of housing all District apparatus inside property owned by the District. This annex building is a direct result of a generous donation from the Patty Bogle Charitable Fund administered by the Sacramento Regional Foundation.

Phone App provides improved emergency response and increased community awareness

The Yolo Emergency Medical Services Authority (YEMSA) and the Clarksburg Fire District participate in a program called Pulsepoint. Pulsepoint is a telephone app that provides the user with notification of emergency responses in participating jurisdictions. YEMSA and the Clarksburg Fire Protection District are participating jurisdictions. When an emergency response occurs, the app user is notified via a text message. It is the intent of the app to allow properly trained individuals, in the immediate proximity of a medical incident requiring CPR to assist at the scene of the emergency. In addition, the user can monitor the radio dispatch frequency of participating agencies. The Pulsepoint app is available through your “app store” at no charge.

District Website

Nearly seven years ago, the Clarksburg Fire District established an internet website where the community can find District related information regarding: District History, the Governing Board, Events, Burn Information, the Flood Evacuation Plan, the Emergency Notification System, etc. The website was recently updated by our volunteers. In the event you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Fire District, please feel free to communicate by way of “contact us” on the website menu. Your question or suggestion will receive a timely reply. In addition, there are a number of “links” that provide the user access to related web sites.

State and Federal Grants Continue to Enhance Fire Protection in Clarksburg

During the past fourteen years, the Clarksburg Fire Protection District has maintained a proactive approach to grant funding. During this period, the District has received over $150,000 in grant funding from the Federal Emergency.

Management Agency (FEMA) and Cal Fire. These funds have played a major role in the District’s level of service and firefighter safety. For the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year, the District is receiving $55,800 in grant resources from Cal Fire and FEMA. The grant from Cal Fire will provide the District with updated alerting equipment in the form of firefighter pagers.

The grant from FEMA will provide our firefighters with personal protective equipment in the form of structure turnouts. This was required to meet current National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements.

Fire Call Statistics

As you already know, your Fire District serves the community by responding to a number of different emergency situations. During the calendar year of 2017, your Fire District responded to 244 incidents. Listed by general category, this included 23 fires, 74 emergency medical service calls, 25 motor vehicle accidents, 6 incidents of illegal burning, 58 public service requests, 26 requests for mutual or automatic aid,12 fire alarm activations, 7 good intent calls and 13 incidents not defined by the aforementioned categories.

The Clarksburg Firefighters’ Association publishes this newsletter at Association expense. Please direct any questions or comments to the Clarksburg Firefighters’ Association, P.O. Box 513, Clarksburg, CA 95612