2018 Newsletter Page 2

Clarksburg Fire Protection District                        January 2018

Rural Yard Burns can pose a serious threat to safety

On a number of occasions during 2017, our engines have been dispatched “code 3” (lights and sirens) unnecessarily to yard burns which posed no threat to life or property. Please, in the interest of public safety, telephone (530) 666-8920 to check the Air Resources Board Burn Status for that particular day and to report that you will be conducting a rural yard burn. This will, hopefully, prevent the un-necessary emergency operation of Fire District equipment.

The Clarksburg Fire District Board of Commissioners

The Clarksburg Fire Protection District is governed by a 5 person Board of Commissioners appointed by the County Supervisors. The Fire Commissioners serve without compensation and meet on the first Thursday of each month at 4:30 in the afternoon. The meetings are held at the Clarksburg Fire Station, 52902 Clarksburg Avenue. Each Regular meeting includes a time for public comment which is both important and welcomed.

A recent change to the District’s Board of Commissioners came with the resignation of Michael Dutra. It is fitting that we thank Mike for over 16 years of volunteer service and commitment to the District.

Replacing Mike on the Board of Commissioners is Mr. Joe Gomes. As a lifelong resident of Clarksburg, Joe is well known for his volunteer service in the community including, but not limited to, youth sports, the Clarksburg Community Church and the Fire District. In addition, Mr. Gomes served as a teacher in River Delta Unified School District for 22 years.

Yolo County Mass Notification System

Yolo County has implemented a state-of- the- art emergency notification system to alert residents about emergencies in our area. The emergency notification system, sometimes called a Reverse 911 System, enables officials to provide essential information quickly when there is a threat to the health or safety of residents.

The emergency notification system database currently includes all listed and unlisted landline telephone numbers that are serviced by AT&T, Verizon and Frontier communications companies within Yolo County. If you would like to be contacted on another “land line” phone, cellular phone, work phone, TTY device, email or via instant messaging, you must register that information by going to: www.yolo-alert.org and setting up an account. There is no cost or fee to set up an account. The account enables the user to select a number of options as to how they receive emergency notifications. Currently, the emergency notification system contains approximately 545 contacts within the boundaries of the Clarksburg Fire Protection District.

Maintain a “Defensible Space”

The Governing Board and Firefighters of your District encourage all residents to maintain a defensible space around their homes and businesses. The immediate 30 feet around any structure should be “low, lean and green”. This area need not be devoid of vegetation, but rather occupied by naturally fire resistive plants that are spaced, pruned, and irrigated to reduce the spread of fire.

In addition to vegetation, the storage of firewood, fuel, construction materials and other combustible materials within this area is hazardous as these materials may promote the spread of fire to your structure.

Cal Fire has recently added an additional 70 feet to re-define a defensible space as 100 feet around a structure. It is recommended that this additional 70 feet be defined as a “reduced fuel zone” with fuel and vegetation separated vertically and horizontally. This is accomplished by thinning, pruning and the removal of deadwood debris.

Rapid Access Ordinance for all Locked Gates

As a part of your Fire District’s responsibility to protect life and property, the Board of Commissioners, in 2009, adopted an ordinance to require installation of an approved rapid entry system on all commercial structures and at all locked gate entrances to residential properties. Commonly called  a “Knox Box”, the rapid entry system, is a line of products that provide maximum security, but, at the same time, allows your Fire District rapid access in the event of fire or medical emergency. The products include both secure lock boxes for keys, padlocks and lock- switches for electric gates. Although the District’s Ordinance only applies to locked gates and new commercial buildings, a number of residential properties and businesses have installed these products. A typical “Knox Box” installation may be viewed near the front entrances to each of the public schools in Clarksburg.

For the protection of your family and property, the Fire District strongly recommends the installation of a “Knox Box” to allow rapid emergency access. The “Knox Box” provides for rapid entry to a structure and minimizes property damage when the District responds to an emergency.

Knox products may be viewed online at their official website, www.knoxbox.com

The Clarksburg Firefighters’ Association publishes this newsletter at Association expense. Please direct any questions or comments to the Clarksburg Firefighters’ Association, P.O. Box 513, Clarksburg, CA 95612