Clarksburg Volunteer Fire Protection District (CFPD) Background

In 1946 the CFPD was established after a fire partially destroyed the Clarksburg High School. Only the main building burned and the local residents mobilized and were able to remove all the furnishings as the fire advanced. The gymnasium and out buildings were untouched.

CFPD is an all-volunteer fire department, which serves the residents, businesses, and tourists in and around Yolo County, California. The entire Department is comprised of resides who live in the community; therefore, the entire company serves its own families, neighbors, and businesses. Consequently, our volunteers are members of a community which values and places high importance on their safety and the safety of others. Because the main goal of the CFPD is to enhance the safety of the community served, this award will provide the volunteer firefighters of who serve community the best possible turnouts and training. These federal funds will allow the CFPD to continue to remain a safety net for the people, land, and country it serves while also protecting its most important asset, its firefighters.

Automatic and Mutual Aid Agreements/Services Provided

Fire suppression and emergency medical services are the major functions of CFPD. Just this past year CFPD finalized an automatic aid agreement with the City of West Sacramento (population 30,000+) and continues to manage three mutual aid agreements with neighboring fire departments. CFPD provides strike team and urban disaster assistance for California’s Governor’s Office of Emergency Services during state and national disasters and provides assistance (firefighters and equipment) to the California Department of Forestry with wild-land fire suppression.

8 million Californians who own homes and businesses in wild-land areas. CFPD has three trained fire investigators who provide the County with added resources in fire investigations, crime scenes, arson, and technical assistance.

Benefit to the Community

In addition to protecting residents and fire fighting personnel against the effects of fire and fire-related incidents, a wide variety of community-based services are provided by the Department to the people and organizations it serves. These services provide long-term benefits to the community. For example, fire prevention and safety issues are demonstrated twice a year at the local grammar and high school, community CPR classes (both in English and Spanish) are organized and held at the Department, fundraisers are hosted at the firehouse for a wide range of activities supporting both the Department and community (including the high school and grammar school). Because all of the volunteers live in or very near the community they serve, this equipment is protecting the resident volunteers and their families as well.