Clarksburg Fire Protection District (CFPD) Background

Located in Clarksburg, CA, the mission of CFPD is to provide fire protection for all properties, structures and citizens of the Clarksburg Fire Protection District and; to participate in mutually beneficial mutual aid agreements with neighboring fire districts as well as county, state, and federal agencies and; to provide first response services in the event of accident or medical emergency within the district. CFPD is comprised of volunteer firefighters.

Because life safety and preservation of property are the primary goals of CFPD, we strive to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from all emergencies, both natural and man-made. Thus allowing us to accomplish our mission to preserve and protect the public during all emergencies.

CFPD was established in 1946 after the Clarksburg High School was partially destroyed by a fire. Only the main building burned and the local residents mobilized and were able to remove all the furnishings as the fire advanced. The gymnasium and out buildings were untouched.

As a result of that fire, CFPD was formed, and continues to serve the community and provide mutual aid assistance to the greater Sacramento area. The town of Clarksburg is located in the southernmost corner of Yolo County, or in the northernmost area of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Geographically, the small rural community is virtually surrounded by water and its three reclamation districts are separated by water. CFPD covers 52 square miles which primarily consist of rural farms, residential dwellings, and some commercial and industrial property. The majority of the population are farmers or people that work in the farming industry.

Services Provided

Public service is the pride of CFPD. First responder services are critical in any emergency and CFPD considers it their primary function to provide the highest level of services to protect the health and safety of the public.

CFPD services range from fire suppression to community outreach programs. Fire suppression and emergency medical services play a significant role in the overall function of the department. Currently, CFPD has three mutual aid agreements with neighboring fire departments. These agreements are reciprocated by other neighboring departments and provide additional assistance during all emergencies. CFPD provides strike team and urban disaster assistance for the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (OES) during state and national disasters. CFPD provides resources (firefighters and equipment) to the California Department of Forestry with wild-land fire suppression. The Forestry Department agreement aids in the protection of nearly 8 million Californians who own homes and businesses in wild-land areas. CFPD has three trained fire investigators who provide services to Yolo County. These fire investigators provide Yolo County with added resources in fire investigations, crime scenes, arson, and technical assistance. Additional services provided include, fire prevention and safety issues are demonstrated twice a year at the local grammar and high school, community CPR classes, fundraisers hosted at the firehouse, and support for school functions and local community projects.

Personnel Resources

All members of CFPD are governed by the rules and regulations set forth by the Administrative Code of the CFPD. Personnel resources include: 1) 20 non-paid firefighters, 2) one fire chief, 3) one assistant chief, 4) one captain, 5) four lieutenants, and 6) five fire commissioners. The commissioners are appointed by the Yolo County Board of Supervisors and provide management, guidance, and leadership in the areas of budget development, training, and overall operation of CFPD.

Currently, the number of volunteer firefighters is adequate to meet existing needs; however, it is anticipated that this number will more than double by the year 2020. Due to the enormous territory and the high level of traffic on the Sacramento/Delta River front, CFPD is often called to provide basic emergency services for Yolo County. Because medical services are not available in the area, CFPD firefighters are often called upon to provide critical emergency services for both residents and visitors.